How can to Improve the front camera of your selfie phone?

Did you know? You can improve your front camera to take an excellent selfie photo. Here some tips and tricks that aid you to enhance your selfie quality.

  • You need to clean your front camera. You can clean your camera using the soft cloth.
  • Your smartphone should be stable to capture a sharp, clear, and high-quality picture. To make your handset stable, you can use a selfie stick.
  • Adjust resolution and picture size from camera settings. For high quality, you need to set high regulation from camera setting. You can also select the highest aspect ratios, such as 4:3 or 16:9.
  • You can use an app to process your selfie. In-app store you find so many selfie apps that help you to improve your selfie image.
  • Testing with HDR Mode. HDR mode can capture three photos at a time and provide you a bright one. It helps you to take a better and standard picture.
  • Use Flash in the low light situation. It possible gives much better than natural light.
  • Use burst and self-timer mode. Those modes help you to get ready whiten 3 or 10 seconds.

3 Tips for taking Best Selfies

Smile – Real smiles make images looking good. To capture a happy moment with a selfie, you need to put a smile on your face. Natural smile increases the quality of selfie. On the other hand, don’t act of smiling that reduces your selfie value. Open your mouth a little bit to show teeth that make your smile natural.

Capture selfie with right angle – Focus on the primary front camera. You need to look at your camera very smartly. Choose the perfect place to take selfies such as hold camera up high, sea beach, underwater, use reflections, etc. The ideal angle is very important for an outstanding selfie.

Show off – You can take your selfie to show off earning, eating something delicious, haircut, etc. Show off increase fame of your selfie photo. So, take your selfie to show off something new. The interesting expression also makes your selfie outstanding. You need to strike a pose to find an excellent selfie.


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