How to Choose the Best Selfie Phone?

All selfie camera phones are not good. You should check some factors to find the best selfie camera phone. Below, you will see some factor that helps you to know about the best phone choose.


Auto Focus is a significant part of taking the perfect selfie. Its can adequately focus on the subject that why camera avoids blurry focus part of the picture. Even High megapixels camera can’t give you a good picture without autofocus. Almost every modern smartphone has Autofocus feature. After that, you need to check carefully before buying camera selfie camera phone.

Quality flash

In low light situation, you must need a flash to capture an excellent selfie. The flash makes your photo more beautiful. The best quality flash is dual-LED flash. A dual-LED flash provides as much as bright your photo. The high dynamic range (HDR) mode is also significant to take the best selfie. Without flash, you can not capture an accurate quality selfie. Most of the smartphone has not front camera flash. So, when you buy a selfie camera phone, you must focus on flash.


A Megapixel is same as 1 million pixels. High megapixels are must need for the best selfie camera. Without high megapixels camera, you cannot find an excellent selfie photo. Minimum 5-megapixel camera gives you standard selfie image. Five megapixel means five million pixels. Higher megapixel gives HD resolution photo. So, when you decide to buy a selfie camera phone, then you must need to check about the front camera megapixel.


Aperture is an initiative through which the camera light travels.  The aperture feature helps the camera’s lens to adjusted and control the number of light reaching the image sensor. It also helps you to in low light photography aperture, capable of bringing more light.

It is an essential feature of the camera. The characterized of Aperture is f-number like f/1.2, f/2.8, f/22, etc. The maximum aperture is f/1.4, and the minimum aperture is f/22. Every Selfie camera needs the right aperture. The aperture F/1 to F/2.8 is excellent for the selfie camera. Buying any selfie camera, you should check aperture.

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